The rosters are made based on requests, positions, age, and skill level. We try trying to keep the league as evenly matched as possible and honor as many requests as we can – we have many requests for each session and will try our best, but not all requests may be granted.


Rosters are subject to change in keeping with the fairness of the league, if we make any ‘trades’ we will notify the individuals be email or text. 

LC – League Coordinator
ALC – Assistant League Coordinator
C – Team Captain
A – Assistant/Alternate Team Captain

If you filled out a waiver and haven’t paid, you are automatically added to the wait list. If you would like to be on the waitlist and haven’t filled out a waiver, please do so and we will add you. Shirts will be provided for the Summer session to those on a team, floaters will not be issued shirts. Please excuse any spelling errors. If you think your name should be on here and isnt, please let us know.

sUmmer 2021 rosters

SHIRTS WILL BE ISSUED FOR SUMMER 2021. If you chose to wear your own, make the color isnt too close to another team (eg dk green or dk blue may be too close to black) or you might be ineligible to play that game.

ORANGE  – (LC) Mike Tirrell, (ACL) Gerry Fahey Jr, (A) Max Desantis, Don Lesandrini, Amy Gabriel, Chris Watts, Tom Fulton, Jamie Wendel, Gerry Fahey Sr, Nicole McDonough, Matt Symonds, Sandro Desantis, Amanda Maycock, Calvin McDowell, Val Monplaisir, Justin Brown, Matt Rantz, Milton Torres, Barbara Mullen. Goalie – Ryan Gunther

ROYAL BLUE – (ALC) Alicia Mikkola, (A) Laura Hahn, (A) Mike Crooks (goalie), Mike Tierney, Ali Al-Haseni, Brianna Foley, Steve Dicairano, Adrian Von Ahrensburg, Rachel Naclerio, Greg Passineau, Will OBrien, Nick Taylor, Matt Turnell, Romit Ranjan, Viktor Levyskyi, Alexandr Dvornikov, Volodymyr Federov, Andrew Sorokin, Yuri Mukhoriamov, Killian Buckley

RED – (C) Jes Jones, (A) Neil Donaghy, (A) Kevin Clemens, Sarah Levenson, Greg Valcin, Isaac Clervensky, Carlenz Emile, Peterson Louis, Rhudi Michel, Nikki Dauksevicz, Brendan Carman, Eric Delima Rubb, Jessica Solup, Andrew Kazakis, Adam Morse, Dan Spasic, Mike Rossman, Tony Esposito, April Liuzzi. Goalie – Rich Burchfield

YELLOW – (C) David Leitch, (A) Kevin MacFarlane, (A) Scott Garland, Trevor Gillespe, Carmen Peabody, Kirsten Nelson, Alex Mabb, George Silveria, Jimmy “still offsides” Yundt, Shari Tomasetti, Marc Paul, Dave Robinson, Kieran Lynott, Elizabeth Martin, Lea Perugini, Andrew Sobers, Michel Pierre-LouIs, Victor Caleta, Carlos Monterio. Goalie – Marc Gould

PURPLE – (C) Junior, (A) Rob Dasilva, (A) John Wilson, Kendell Logsdon, Carlos Louro, Kyle Davenport, Olivia Clymens, Dan Rockwell, Bre Whittmore, Tyce Havens, Luis Fontes, Rob Rossi, Dany Cullen, Rob Mitchell, Jon Scibilia, Yves Jeanty, Dan Pozzarro, Luis Velarde, Jennifer Champa. Goalie – Yanick Andrade

KELLY GREEN – (C) Nick Schweckern, (A) Bill Clark, (A) Renee Vasquez, James Arnstein, John Tandy, Jenn Tandy, David Justice, Jack Bousaleh, Sergey Mozgovoy, Hannah Giles, Oscar Gomez, Mike Hurley, Shane Dupont, Michelle Tomalonis, Eric Larsen, Sami Shaloub, Sebastian Stone, Robin Ireland, Jessica Oleary. Goalie – Tom Mann

BLACK – (LC) Lauren Odonnell, (A) Matt Desilva, (A) Renato Serrano, Steve Callahan, Doug Gallagher, Tonia Hnatkovich, Alex Casimir, Eric Lafontant, Senat Madsen, Ron Thompson, Frank Dellapa, Joel Thompson, Alicia Mcenroy, Mike Odriscoll, Kate Odriscoll,  Wilman Montes, Aaron Mcdonald, Lubata Boscoe, Jaymee Mannix. Goalie – Matt Cafano

WHITE – (C) JP Geagea, (A) Mike Donovan, (A) Danny Araujo, Rob Fischman, Julio Huamani, Sue Doherty, Will Casley, Jack Riley, Brian Claus, Mat Putnam, Greg Yelsey, Julia Mirochuk, Megan Wrightington, Bill Hinkley, Natalie Ellard, Jimmy Smith, Brad Douglas, Jill Stephansky, Nick Faria. Goalie – Ricardo Osorio

FLOATERS  – Rob Bousaleh, Teresa Paczuska, Nick Harvey, Faustin Macharia