The rosters are made based on requests, positions, age, and skill level. We try trying to keep the league as evenly matched as possible and honor as many requests as we can – we have many requests for each session and will try our best, but not all requests may be granted.


Rosters are subject to change in keeping with the fairness of the league, if we make any ‘trades’ we will notify the individuals be email or text. 

LC – League Coordinator
ALC – Assistant League Coordinator
C – Team Captain
A – Alternate Team Captain

If you filled out a waiver and either didn’t pay, or there wasn’t a spot for you – you are automatically added to the waitlist. If you would like to be on the waitlist and haven’t filled out a waiver, please do so and we will add you. Please excuse any spelling errors. If you think your name should be on here and isnt, please let us know.

SUmmEr 2022 rosters: 
orange – (lc) mike tirrell, (lc) rob bousaleh, (a) max desantis, sandro desantis, jamie wendel, tom fulton, don lesandrini, mandy maycock, calvin mcdowell, amy gabriel, matt symonds, chris watts, nicole mcdonough, val monplaisir, justin brown, brian field, antonio ferreira, bryan bower, allison bumpus, goalie – ryan gunther

kelly green – (lc) lauren odonnell, (a) danny araujo, jillian stephansky, renato serrano, michael odriscoll, kate odriscoll, lubata boscoe, seamus sweeney, niko retzos, jack bousaleh, sami shaloub, eric larsen, michelle tomalonis,  alex casimir, eric lafontant, chobert francois, patrick canning, stephen mills, john czajowski, ji-young anderson, goalie – ricardo osorio

beige – (alc) gerry fahey, (a) jp geagea, julio huamani, emily van dam, michael hurley, vincent fischer, idris senyonjo, amanda senyonjo, alian djamchebi, sarah reilly, gerry fahey sr, matt rantz, scott horton, mike rossman, april liuzzi, kyle bray, mark johnson, jackie jordan, tiago rodrigues, fillipe santos, goalie – rich burchfield

royal blue – (alc) alicia mikkola, (a) mike tierney, tim cuprinski, nikki d, jess jones, andrew sorokin, aleksandr groshev, alexandr dvornikov, volodymyr federov, vicktor levytski, yuri mukoriamv, aleksei evseev, roman vlas, schaillee butler, breanna mereness, adrian von ahrensburg, kevin clemens, bill hinkley, romit ranjan, frank ritter, goalie – (a) mike crooks

purple – (c) junior, (a) rob da silva, (a) john wilson, carlos louro, kendall logsdon, kyle davenport, dany cullen, luis fontes, scott hubney, laura sudbey, dan rockwell, luis velarde, rob mitchell, dan porrazzo, rob rossi, juvina monterio, ed krupski, matt turnell, frank dellapa, kieran lynott, goalie – johanna bergman

black – (c) matt desilva, (a) greg valcin, (a) olivia clymens, steve callahan, nick prado, jeff fernandes, ross tweedy, theodore gregg, doug gallagher, missy pierce, abbe schnibbe, branden carman, peterson louis, carlenz emile, renee vasquez, dan spasic, tony exposito, jon brown, collin ward, michelle rodriguez, goalie – john okeefe

white – (c) jen caseley, (a) mike caseley, (a) mike donovan, will caseley, jack rielly, greg yelsey, julia mirochuk, mike mirochuk, brian claus, chris luvisi, tonia hnatovich, kevin cameron, jimmy smith, charles cella, rob fichman, sue doherty, mat putnam, chris badders, sergey mozgovoy, carlos rios, goalie – teresa paczuska

yellow – (c) dave leitch, (a) kevin mcfarlane, (a) scott garland, trevor gillespe, alex mabb, dave robinson, liz martin, leah perugini, lindsey gomes, mike pierre-louis, vu huynh , khanh vo, hung le, michelle larned, victor caleta, samorah pierre-antoine, mark paul, george silveria, wilman montes, tim clinton, goalie – matt cafano

floaters – nick harvey