• Any player that contracts Covid must inform the league immediately and will not be allowed back on the field or on the premises until a negative test is provided to us or a doctors note clearing that you are safe to play. Failure to follow either of these procedures could lead to permanent removal from the league. Any personal PPE (masks, etc) will be allowed, as long as it doesn’t endanger the safety of any other players.
  • All players must be registered. No unauthorized players will be allowed.  To be considered registered, waiver must be signed, you must be paid for that session, and your name be listed on the roster page on this website. For insurance and liability reasons, this will be strictly enforced. Any unauthorized players will leave immediately and those who brought them could be subject to further discipline and/or removal from the league. Under no circumstance should anyone bring an unregistered player or someone not on the posted roster.
  • All players, regardless of gender, should be subbed out and rotated evenly. Women should not only be subbing for other women, nor men should only sub out for men – this should be an even rotation. At no time shall a team have more than 9 players of the same sex on the field at the same time. This number can change depending on the session or specific week if an abundance of players are out. Refs and team captains will be informed if this number is altered.
  • If a league coordinator or your team captain instructs you to sub out because you are taking to long of a shift or you need to cool down (or any other reason) than do so, failure to follow those instructions could lead to removal from that game, sitting out another game, or other discipline.
  • Safety is a priority. Absolutely no slide tackling or hard tackles. This could result in suspension or banishment from the league. Any unnecessary contact will be called a foul. Goalies are not allowed to slide feet first into an attacking player. A player can slide for a ball as long as no other player is around that might compromise the safety of anyone, including yourself.
  • All substitutions are on the fly. Approval from the referee is not needed. Players are not allowed to substitute from opposite ends of the field at times that could result in any advantage on an offensive attack or to prevent a goal.
  • It’s extremely rare for someone to get carded, but if anyone receives a RED card for violent play they are to leave the field/venue immediately, and they are automatically suspended for the following game, and possibly more punishment pending league review. A second RED card for violent/aggressive play would result in lifetime banishment from the league. RED cards for non violent plays will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • If a YELLOW card is given, the player will substitute out at the referee’s discretion, you can re-enter the game when the referee allows you to come back on.  Referee’s and team captains also have the discretion to send players to the sideline to ‘cool off’ if they see fit.
  • No badgering or harassing the referee about any calls. Also, no harassing or giving a hard time to any teammate or opponent for any reason, such as their skill set or letting up goals. Either of these could be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the league.
  • Cleats are allowed in this league, but no metal or spikes.
  • Penalty shots – if the attacking/kicking team has a player encroach in the penalty area before the kick, the kick is forfeited and will not be retaken, a goal kick will be awarded.
    If the defending team encroaches in the penalty area, the penalty kick will be retaken if missed, if originally scored, the goal will stand.
    Goalies must stay on their line until the shot is taken. The penalty will be retaken if shot is missed and goalie is off their line. If this occurs twice in a row, a goal will be awarded and a third attempt will not occur.
  • Players are only allowed to play for their team during their game time, unless a league coordinator or both team captains at that current game agree on a switch.
  • Shin pads are required at all times. Failure to comply will result in not playing in that game.
  • Uniform discretion is up to the referee. All teams are assigned a color, (sometimes the league will supply shirts) it is up to you to wear the appropriate color so that you don’t clash with your opponent (eg – if your opponent is wearing black shirts and you are on the blue team, do not wear navy or a dark blue). Wearing a shirt that clashes will be up to the referees discretion if you can play or not.
  • Please do your best to inform us if you are not playing in the upcoming week’s game. We will be posting the matches weekly on Facebook, they will be posted here on the website, and an email will be sent with the schedule. Preferably you can comment on our Facebook page if you are not going to make it. If a team is short players we can use our wait list to fill in. If you are not on Facebook please email us if you will be missing that week’s game.
  • Game locations, game times, and rosters are subject to change at any time, please always double check the website. Games are 11v11, 90 minutes. 
  • Any player who misses games due to injury, illness, suspension, dismissal from the league, or any other reason, will not be refunded for any missed games.
  • League rules can be added or changed at anytime. By signing the waiver you acknowledge you are aware of this and do not have to be informed of any changes that are posted on this website. Any and all decisions/suspensions are made at the discretion of the league coordinators – Robert Bousaleh, Michael Tirrell, Lauren O’Donnell, Alicia Mikkola, and Gerry Fahey. Anything is reviewable for further discipline after a game, including but not limited to – decisions on calls, cards, suspensions, comments, aggressive play, not following covid procedures, and comments toward refs, other players, or teammates.